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At COP, we’ve taken important steps to promote environmental good practice and are determined to make a difference through our daily actions.


We’re committed to working greener & inspiring change.

We are proud to be 0% additional plastic packaging free & free of all single-use plastics! 
Here you can find out about what we’ve achieved so far through making these changes.


Making strides to reduce our envirnmental impact.

We have invested in complete recyclable packaging, from our trade counter bags to the tape we use to seal our boxes. We recycle 99% of our general waste and have successfully reduced single plastic use in the office by 100%.

We are proud to be officially 
100% Additional Plastic Packaging Free 
Free of all single-use plastics

Reducing our paper usage

Using digital technology to save paper.

The Digital Pricelist and QR code links for digital manuals are just two of the many steps we are taking to reduce our environmental impact. These interactive documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere, anyplace and are always up to date.

This doesn’t just reduce the amount of paper we use but it also helps our customers to ensure that they always have access to the price list and technical guides online.


Paper Tape
We now use gummed reinforced papertape to seal all of our boxes. Using reinforced tape reduces the amount needed by 75% compared to traditional tape.

Cardboard Boxes
All of our packaging boxes are made from recycled cardboard. Our boxes are sourced from environmentally friendly suppliers with a strong sustainability policy.

Bubble Wrap 
We use biodegradable bubble-wrap for packing products. It combines all the properties of normal bubble-wrap but will decompose over time.

Paper Trade Counter Bags 
We use paper bags made from renewable natural resources which can be reused repeatedly.

Air Cushion Packaging 
We use 100% biodegradable AIRplus BIO film which is lightweight, reusable and recyclable. It is made of materials including corn and potato starch collected from food production waste and is certified as compostable to European standards. This packaging can be recycled in food & garden waste bins!

In the office...

We have take a number of steps to keep our office waste to a minimum.

  • All of our invoices are now sent digitally  
  • We have reduced individual paper consumption by 90% 
  • We have reduced the numbers of printers throughout the office by 95% 
  • All office paper is environmentally approved paper, from sustainable sources, guaranteeing that our products come from suppliers who support the conservation of forests and wildlife. 
  • Working alongside our waste management team, we have replaced individual desk bins with separated waste communal bins to ensure the majority of our waste is recycled effectively.
  • We are actively working with our suppliers to ensure we are reducing our environmental impact where possible, including when receiving shipments and delivering to our customers. 
  • We have removed all single use plastic from our office!