Introducing our latest fire range

COP are now proud to be official distributors of Apollo, C-TEC and other leading Fire brands, providing our customers with a one stop shop for all your Fire & Security requirements.


Apollo specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions that protect people from fire in over 100 countries around the world.  We stock the full range of Conventional & Addressable device including:

AlarmSense Two-Wire
• Fast and easy installation
• Ideal for use in small/medium buildings and houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs)
• Static and rate-of-rise Heat Detectors in the range for a variety of environments

Series 65 Conventional
• Can be used on security systems
• Proven detection performance
• Designed to meet approvals worldwide

Reach Wireless
• REACH is designed to solve challenging installation scenarios for structures with restricted or complex access and installation conditions such as listed buildings, out-buildings & temporary structures where wired installation or long site downtime is not possible.

XP95 Addressable
• Trusted and reliable fire detection
• Ease of installation
• Great flexibility in system design

Discovery Addressable
• Improved false alarm rejection
• Suitable for medium to large buildings
• Flexibility for system design with interchangeability of devices and modes available


Conventional – Far from Conventional
C-TEC’s market-leading portfolio of conventional fire alarm equipment includes our award-winning CFP range of 2-8 zone fire panels, our ActiV range of ‘best in class’ fire detectors, sounders and visual alarm devices and a host of useful fire alarm ancillaries and power supplies. Everything we make is designed and manufactured at our state of the art headquarters in the North West of England meaning you can rest assured all of our products will integrate seamlessly. Thought C-TEC only made fire panels? Think again!

Two-Wire  - A winning combination
Most conventional fire systems require two pairs of wires per zone: one for detection devices such as fire detectors; the other for alarm devices such as sounders. By using different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, C-TEC’s CFP AlarmSense two-wire panel and Apollo’s AlarmSense two-wire components allow detection and alarm devices to be connected on the same pair of supply wires. The result? A winning combination of innovative fire alarm technology that can reduce installation costs by up to 25%.

Addressable - A journey of XP95/Discovery
Whatever the application, C-TEC’s XFP and ZFP fire panels coupled with Apollo’s XP95/Discovery detectors, interfaces and manual call points are a solid solution for factories, shops, warehouses, offices, hotels and more.
By utilising the same timings, voltage, current specifications and type codes of Apollo’s original Series 90 protocol, the system’s XP95/Discovery platform has stood the test of time. Add to this the benefits of C-TEC’s XP95/Discovery compatible fire panels, sounders, VADs and hush buttons and you have a system that is a winning combination all hands down.
Clever ‘Xpert’ card addressing, speedy response times, third-party certification and open protocol availability, what more can a life safety specialist ask?