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Detect. Illuminate. Deter.

GJD Manufacturing Ltd are industry leaders in the external detector equipment space with other 32 years in the industry.


The GJD Detect range includes a wide range of products for installers. We stock a large range of GJD Detect products, ready for next day delivery. 

GJD is a British manufacturer who run one of Europe’s most advanced detection and illumination innovation programmes. GJD products reliably detect intrusion, providing industry leading human detection and deterrent solutions. 

the gjd range, available at cop uk


We have a whole host of motion detectors available, including wired, wireless and IP. The GJD range is designed to suit the needs of any sector, meaning that no matter your requirements we have the ideal detection solution for you

Used for both detection and deterrence, LED illuminators provide high quality illumination in order to see people and objects clearly. This is done either with white light or infra-red light illuminators, both of which have their own unique use cases.

IP Products
The GJD internet protocol (IP) connected detectors use quad PIRs, advanced signal processing algorithms and unique optical systems to provide the best performing motion detectors on the market.

Lighting Systems
High quality security lighting is one of the best modern ways to secure your premises. Deter intruders and ensure your property remains safe with our efficient security lighting solutions.

why choose gjd detect?

GJD Detect take great pride in developing new, innovative designs; utilising the latest technology and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Innovating for the future
GJD are always looking at ways to be innovative in the future and are always looking how to develop and improve their products

GJD Deter invest in their solutions, making customers their number one priority. 

Above all else, GJD's main focus is the quality of their products, every product is made to an exceptional high standard. Designed to work first time, with a life long guarantee.