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Applying for a credit account

We offer all customers the option to apply for a 30 day credit account. With a credit account you can:

  1. View prices on the website
  2. Order items on your credit account online and over the phone
  3. Order items with a credit/debit card, by bank transfer or add to your 30 day credit account, online or over the phone.

Click the apply button below and complete the form. We will create your online login (during normal working hours) and email your details. We will also notify you of your credit limit by post. 

Please be aware that completing this form will mean:
I / We understand this application is to open a credit account with Weststone Limited, trading as COP Security.
I / We understand that your Credit Terms are that payment is due promptly at the end of the month following the month of invoice and that if granted credit I / We agree to pay in accordance with these terms.
I / We understand you may make a search with a credit reference agency, which will keep a record of that search. You may also make enquiries about the principal directors with a credit reference agency.
I / We have read and I / We accept the conditions shown on the website under the “Terms and conditions of sale” page.


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