Learn More about our Dahua IP Range

An internet protocol (IP) camera is a type of digital video camera, which unlike analogue CCTV cameras, IP cameras are able to send and recieve data via a computer network or the internet and can be directly accessed over a network connection. 

Our IP range offers products suitable for those new to IP and the experienced installer. Direct plug and play with PoE, up to 4K/12MP digital images and large storage NVRs means our IP range offers flexibility, performance and easy installation. 

Benefits of IP

Our IP range offers high clarity images and can reduce installation costs. Fewer cameras are required to cover a large area, saving time during each install.

Installing an IP based system offers:

  • Easy system installation
  • Greater system flexibility and system integration 
  • Feature rich and reliable products
  • Future proof and scalable installation
  • Excellent performance and value

True Plug and Play

Products in the Dahua IP range offer complete compatibility, allowing simple plug and play installation. IP cameras connected directly to the NVR are automatically detected and displayed.

Free Remote Network Setup

We provide free remote setup help for every NVR, saving your company time and money.

4K Solutions 

Look out for our 4K products offering up to 12MP images. 4 times the resolution of current HD CCTV, offering improved zoom capabilities and delivering more detail than previously possible.


The ONVIF specification ensures interoperability between IP-based security products regardless of the brand. There are many ONVIF conformant products available on the market, all of our IP products are all ONVIF compatible and can be used with other world leading ONVIF partners.

SMART Pro Surveillance System (Smart PSS)

Smart PSS is supplied FREE with all Dahua cameras and is availble from our website. It offers a simple to use interface to manage all networked NVRs/DVRs and cameras.

It includes following features:

  • Maximum 256 devices or 2000 channel connections
  • Support multi-screen and 64x4 windows 
  • Maximum 36-channel synchronisation playback
  • Remote PTZ and alarm control
  • Used for central monitoring systems
  • Windows & MAC compatible
  • Friendly GUI and ease of use
  • Support snapshot, record, talk, E-Map, video wall, etc.
  • Use PC as NVR
  • P2P support

Mobile Surveillance System (DMSS)

The DMSS application offers a simple way to view your network via smartphone or tablet. 

It includes the following features:

  • Maximum 16-channels preview at the same time
  • Supports 1080P (main or sub stream optional)
  • Alarm notification - push to get instant alert
  • Remote PTZ and alarm control
  • Supports snapshot, record, talk, E-map, HDD report etc. 
  • P2P support using QR code
  • Provide conveinient remote surveillance solution
  • iOS & Android
  • Friendly GUI and ease of use