Learn More About Our Dahua HDCVI Range

Dahua HDCVI offers HD-Over-Coax long distance transmission. With no new cabling or IP knowledge required, HDCVI is one option for upgrading existing systems from standard definition to high definition,offering longer transmission via coaxial cable and lower total cost. 

Four Times The Resolution

Our range of Dahua HDCVI cameras all have up to 2.4 mega pixel sensors offering full 1080p HD
(1920 x 1080p) for unrivalled picture clarity.


Long Distance Transmission

Transmitting video up to 300m can be achieved using standard coaxial cable.


3 Signals in 1 Coaxial Cable

HDCVI composites video, audio and data signals together and then transmits them over one coaxial cable, simplifying installation.

Easy To Install Using Coaxial Cable

HDCVI uses normal coaxial cable and can be run up to a maximum of 300 metres. Existing CCTV systems can be upgraded to HDCVI using previously installed coax cable.

SMART Pro Surveillance System (SMART PSS)

Smart PSS is supplied FREE with all Dahua NVRs/DVRs and is available from our website. It offers a simple to use interface to manage all networked NVRs/DVRs and cameras. It has the following features:

  • Maximum 256 devices or 2000 channel connections
  • Support multi-screen and 64x4 windows
  • Maximum 36-channel synchronisation playback
  • Remote PTZ and alarm control
  • Use PC as NVR
  • Support snapshot, record, talk, E-map, video wall, etc.
  • P2P support
  • Used for central monitoring system
  • Windows and MAC compatible
  • Friendly GUI and ease of use

Mobile Surveillance System (DMSS)

The DMSS application offers a simple way to view your network via smartphone or tablet. It has the following features:

  • Maximum 16-channels preview at the same time
  • Supports 1080p, main or sub stream optional
  • Alarm notification push to get instant alert
  • Remote PTZ and alarm control
  • P2P support using QR code
  • Support snapshot, record, talk, E-map, HDD report, etc.
  • Provide convenient remote surveillance solution
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry compatible
  • Friendly GUI and ease of use