Learn More About Dahua Access Control

What is Access Control?

Dahua access control offers a simple way of controlling access to and around your premises. Access control secures your building electronically, removing the need for locks and keys. Users are assigned access via code, card or with fingerprint.

Dahua units offer complete control and flexibility allowing you to set who has access as well as where and when they have access.
We understand that access control does not need to be complicated. Access control systems can be integrated into your network. Access control allows you to restrict areas to specific groups or individuals, as well as setting access at certain times of day or night.

Where can it be used?

Our range of Dahua access control products offer a high degree of usage flexibility, meaning that they can be applied to a wide array of installations.

Dahua access control products are suitable for:

  • Apartments
  • Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Office blocks
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Hotels
  • Sporting arenas

Benefits & Features

Central Control

Dahua access control systems can be controlled via Smart PSS from a central location. It allows users to configure users and settings of sytems on multiple sites.

Event Reporting

The system logs all events allowing users to easily track staff and visitor movements.

Flexibility, control who has access

Using Dahua access control you can add and remove user from the system, or change access priviledges quicky and easily.

Link to your CCTV System

Linking a CCTV and access control sytem is easy via Smart PSS, allowing control of both with one piece of software.

Simple networking, full control

All products in the Dahua IP & HDCVI range are supported by Smart PSS & DMSS software offering installers a quick and simple way to network, manage and remotely view installations.

SMART Pro Surveillance System (SMART PSS)

Smart PSS is supplied FREE with all Dahua NVRs/DVRs and is available from our website. It offers a simple to use interface to manage all networked NVRs/DVRs and cameras.

Multi Door Systems

These systems are ideal for commercial use providing a highly functional but easy to use system. With several reader options available and the ability to network multiple controllers, they are suitable for both small and large projects.

Sample Site

Multi door systems offer full control of who can access various areas of any building or multiple buildings, from one central location. Our range includes card and fingerprint enrollment accessories.

Stand Alone System