Features of HDCVI

Power over Coax (PoC)

Power over Coax (POC) is a technology that supports both video signal and power supply. PoC sends power directly from the DVR via coaxial cable to the cameras using the same BNC connector, meaning there is no need for local power at the camera. PoC DVR's can provide power for cameras up to 400m on a single run of coax cable.

Up to 4K Resolution

Our range of Dahua HDCVI cameras have up to 8MP sensors offering 4K Ultra HD for unrivalled picture clarity. 

Ultra High Definition

HDCVI technology supports up to 4K ultra high definition resolution. With 4 times the pixels of 1080P, it presents a true-life image with impressive clarity that captures even the tiniest of details. 

Long Distance Transmission

HDCVI technology guarantees long-stance transmission in real-time without any signal loss, transmitting video up to 300m can be achieved using standard coaxial cable.

3 Signals in 1 Coaxial Cable

HDCVI composites video, audio and data signals together and then transmits them over one coaxial cable, simplifying installation.

Easy to Install Using Coaxial Cable

HDCVI solution requires minimal basic labour and costs, using normal coaxial cable that can be run up to a maximum of 300 metres. Users are able to enjoy the advantages of modern technological innovation with their existing CCTV systems, they can be easily upgraded to HDCVI using previously installed coax cable.