How to fix and secure your device if it has been compromised

If your device has been affected by a cyber attack, please carefully follow the step by step instructions listed below. 
On completion please refer to the Best Practice Information to ensure maximum security against any further cyber attacks.

Firmware can be upgrade at the unit via USB (locally) or remotely via web browser or by using Smart PSS software. It is recommended that firmware upgrades are only carried out by a CCTV engineer.


Upgrading Standard Firmware

As some units have Specialist firmware for additional functions it is important that you select the correct version for your installation.
If the wrong version of firmware if installed some existing functions may be removed or cease to operate.

For installations using standard equipment (Excludes ANPR integration, Thermal integration or Remote Monitoring Software)


Upgrading Specialist Firmware

Some equipment requires specialist firmware. For installations which include ANPR integration, Thermal integration or Remote Monitoring Software (ARCs etc)