Cyber Security

COP Security Statement

With the increased popularity of remote access to network video surveillance systems, many more CCTV products are being connected to the internet. Unfortunately, at the same time, any device connected to the internet is becoming more and more vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Please rest assured that COP security in conjunction with our suppliers are doing our upmost to ensure that the products we supply are as secure as current technology allows. In addition, we are providing as much information as possible to help combat the threat of cyber-attacks. This includes real time security notices, “best practice” advice and download access to the latest firmware, which can be found within our cyber security section on this website.

It should be noted however that despite our best efforts, no method of transmission over the Internet can be deemed as perfectly secure. No one can guarantee absolute security due to the nature of the technology and the potential problems this can create.

However, if COP Security learns of any actual or potential security breach, we will try our best to notify our customers as quickly as possible, so that appropriate protective action can be taken.

Cop Security will also ensure that any product sold will be fitted with the very latest firmware to ensure that everything possible is done to make systems as secure as they can be, but it is important that any equipment installed and connected to the internet is regularly updated to the latest firmware.

Whilst some cyber-attacks are carried out by exploiting vulnerabilities in the firmware in products, the vast majority of products that are compromised are done so because the default user name and passwords are not changed.

It is imperative that installers apply best practice and ensure all default settings including user name and passwords are changed to ensure the security of systems, for more details please see our Best Practice Information section.

It should also be noted that whilst COP Security will do everything to prevent any form of cyber-attack we cannot guarantee that new vulnerabilities will not be found and some systems may be compromised.

Cyber Security - Best Practices

This section provides detailed information of how to create a secure system. From mandatory and advisory setting changes, through to firmware upgrades, the information contained in this section is invaluable in helping to keep your system secure.